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ReadyMakeGo! is MAxT Makerspace’s accelerator program.  It will connect new and growing companies with a robust set of resources, one-on-one mentorship, networking, and award-winning coaching.

The 12 week intensive program is designed for pre-revenue start-up businesses with an existing product. The program is focused on the implementation of best practices, strengthening the fundamentals of the company’s business plan and sharpening their marketing strategies.


Program Dates: June 8th – August 30th 

Who should Apply:

ReadyMakeGo! is for entrepreneurs who have an existing start-up business with annual sales between $0 - $100,000 and who are interested in growing their business in the Monadnock Region. Ideal candidates are working full time on their business and have already designed and begun testing their product. As we are a makerspace, we are particularly well suited to supporting companies that are innovating with new technologies and designs to create better and unique products for consumers or businesses.

Our advisory team is evaluating companies based on the following criteria:

·      Product readiness – how developed is your product/service?

·      Entrepreneurial energy and vision for the future.

·      Business potential – based on your current plan and strategy.

·      Market moment - what is the scalable opportunity for your business and relevance to current market conditions.

ReadyMakeGo! participants should be prepared to commit to spending time at the makerspace, participating in program activities and working on their business. 

ReadyMakeGo! Program Benefits:

The program will provide education, mentoring and resources focused on strong financial management, clarifying business plans, developing an effective marketing strategy, and fine-tuning the processes that will lead to business growth.  Participants in the program will receive:

·      Free 24/7 access to MAxT Makerspace and Coworking space, including a personal workspace.

·      A $500 stipend for business start-up expenses (no equity stake is involved)

·      Weekly one-on-one mentoring from a team of local subject matter experts

·      Weekly cohort check-ins with MAxT staff and affiliated coaches

·      Free tool training on the makerspace’s technology and equipment

·      Coaching on developing and delivering effective pitches

·      Free photo session from our in-house professionals

·      Free participation in a series of keynote lectures guided by local subject matter experts.

Our Team:

The program brings together a strong group of local subject matter experts, mentors and coaches, including:

  • Christine Carr, Launch Mechanic

  • Lee Davis, Lee Davis and Company

  • Wink Faulkner, Avicoach

  • Adam Hamilton, People’s United Bank

  • Jonathan Hampson, AirTank

  • Dean Marcarelli, SoClean

  • Stacey Nachajski, Great Brook Media

  • Nancy Pearson, Center for Women and Enterprise

  • Lisa Sieverts, Facilitated Change

  • Bob Wilkins, SoClean


Our Partners: