Digital Fabrication

Learn about the power of digital fabrication to build, carve, and engrave just about anything. 

3D Printing

3D print.jpg


We have a Flashforge Creator Pro dual extruder printer, and a Rostock V.3 Delta printer.


We have Fusion 360 and Solidworks CAD programs.

Upcoming Classes:

Intro to 3D printing

Wednesday, September 5th 4pm.

Thursday, November 1st 5:30pm.

Learn the basics of preparing a 3D model for printing; and operating a 3D printer. 

Laser Cutter



We are proud to provide our members with the ability to create high quality engravings and cuts with our Epilog Zing 30 Watt laser cutter.  We also have a rotary attachment to enable the etching of glasses, tumblers etc.


Adobe Illustraitor, Corel Draw, Inkscape. 

Upcoming Classes:

Applied Laser Cutting

Fun, one off projects that illustrate the wide range of possibilities opened up by laser cutters.

Glass mugs  - Thursday, September 20th, 5pm; $30.

Pumpkins - Thursday, October 25th, 5pm; $30.

Cutting boards - Thursday, November 15th, 5pm; $80.

CNC Router



We have a 4'x2' cutting surface on our OpenBuilds OX CNC router.  The machine was built by our volunteers who meet every Thursday evening at 6pm to work on the machine and introduce it to new members.

Upcoming Classes:

Introduction to the CNC Router

Learn about the wood carving power of our CNC router, taught by the team that built it.

Sign making - Thursday, September 27th, 6pm.

3D Carving - Masks - Thursday, November 1st, 6pm.